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About Us

Monahan Partners assembles wood, metal and fiberglass mopsticks. We offer a full range of metal and plastic attachments for both wet and dry mops. We sell component parts for self-assembly. Monahan Partners offers popular plastic and metal janitor quick changes/stirrups, gripper (jaws), plus household and janitor size spring and levers. And for dust mops, we offer nylon slide connectors and patented flexible connector. Other popular products are dust mop frames and heads (in 3 1/2 and 5-inch widths) including cotton, colored cotton, colored synthetics, disposables and microfiber dust mop pads with a Velcro backing as well as wedge mop heads and frames.

Monahan Partners also sells broom braces, industrial T-bars, plastic/ wire connectors for lay flat mops, twist mops made with cotton yarn, microfiber yarn, and non-woven strips, microfiber yarn wet mops, both metal and plastic hinge sponge mops and fiberglass handles with swivel cap and thread.

Monahan Partners truck

Enjoy your last first day

In a society where job hopping is prevalent, the average employee at Monahan Partners has been with the company for 16 years. The name on the building is not only the family this company represents, it represents the families of all of our employees. Generations of different families have been employed at the company over its storied history. Employees are treated fairly and we expect our employees to value their families at home, too.

We celebrate together

The company hosts BBQ lunches and an extended lunch on the last day before summer holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day), a potluck lunch before Thanksgiving, and a company luncheon in early December where bonuses are awarded are all part of our traditions. In addition, on any employee’s birthday – we celebrate together. Employees choose a dessert of their choice to be enjoyed by the entire company on their birthday, they receive a $25 gift certificate to an Arcola restaurant of their choice, and a $50 donation given in their name to the charity of their choice.

Arcola our home

Arcola has served as home to our company and we gladly donate to Arcola organizations. Annual contributions are made to the Arcola Foundation, Arcola Food Pantry, Douglas County CEO program, JFL (junior football league), Arcola Sports Boosters, Arcola Recreation, Arcola Firefighters Association, Arcola Rotary Club, and many more local organizations.

But Sending a donation is not all we do. Twice a month, employees leave work to go help unload trucks for the food pantry. The company hosts Douglas County CEO students for an annual tour/Q&A session, we recruit Arcola High School students for paid summer internships, we are active members of the Arcola Chamber, and individually we serve in various community leadership roles within several organizations. That leadership stems from a long history of service to Arcola from Thomas Monahan serving as mayor in the 1910-20’s, to Mary Monahan serving as the first female school board member at Arcola in the 1960’s, to Pat Monahan’s exemplary uncountable contributions to “Amazing Arcola” over the last half century.

We embrace our role as corporate citizens and are filled with Arcola pride.

employee birthday

Alicia chose a cookies and cream cake with cupcakes for her birthday luncheon. She elected St. Jude’s as her charity of choice for the company to donate to in her name. We can’t, however, reveal her age.

employee new truck

Corey proudly poses with the Monahan Partners box truck. The logos on the back of the truck represent the Purple Riders and World Famous Lawn Rangers — 2 things Monahan Partners is very proud of in their hometown of Amazing Arcola!

employee food pantry

Twice a month, employees leave work on the clock to help unload and organize food at the Arcola Food Pantry. Cory and Marsha (seated) are flanked by long time Food Pantry mainstays Janice & Jeff after unloading a truck.

employee PM

Pat Monahan (left), Ambassador of Monahan Partners, has received quite a few awards over the years. While his accomplishments and charity is vast, Arcola has always been the recipient of his praise, promotion, and generosity. Pat often invokes a favorite Abraham Lincoln quote, “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” Pat’s Arcola High School Distinguished Alumni bio is here

employee packer game

Cory does lots of extra things for the company even though he’s not asked to do them and he never expects anything in return. After a weekend downpour hit Arcola, Cory took it upon himself to ensure the docks were ready to go on Monday a.m. This time he was recognized by the company and sent to see his beloved Packers with his family. And the Packers won!

employee dentist

Kevin (middle) is pictured with fellow Arcola natives Ryan & Bianca Shonkwiler after they opened Shonkwiler Family Dental in Arcola. Kevin serves on the Arcola Community & Economic Development group and opening a dental practice was a major priority for Arcolians.

employee certificate

Marsha received a surprise certificate after being notified she set a one day production record!