Pat & Kevin Monahan

Pat & Kevin Monahan ‘We’re In This Together’

Monahan Partners is an OEM supplier of cleaning tools and parts to the JanSan industry. We assemble a full range of metal and plastic parts onto fiberglass, metal and wood handles and package to the customers specifications. We sell all the components for self-assembly, and offer many complementary products – lobby dust pans, clip-on dust pans, dust mop heads and frames, microfiber wet and dry mops, braces and much more.

Best Sellers

Lobby Dust Pan

Black Lobby Dust Pan with Blue Clip-On 30″ Handle


Assembly of metal and plastic hardware on fiberglass, metal and wood.

Fiberglass Handles

Full line of colored 15/16″ or 1″ diameter – 54″ or 60″ length, swivel cap, open end or threaded.

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Monahan Partners, Inc.

202 N. Oak

Arcola, Illinois 61910

Phone: 217-268-5771

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Kevin Monahan, President

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