Pat & Kevin Monahan

Pat & Kevin Monahan ‘We’re In This Together’

Monahan Partners is an OEM supplier of cleaning tools and parts to the JanSan industry. We assemble a full range of metal and plastic parts onto fiberglass, metal and wood handles and package to the customers specifications. We sell all the components for self-assembly, and offer many complementary products – lobby dust pans, clip-on dust pans, dust mop heads and frames, microfiber wet and dry mops, braces and much more.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Monahan Partners, Inc. took the following steps:

  • Donated thousands of masks to various businesses in Arcola and local healthcare facilities Sarah Bush Lincoln & Carle (see here)
  • Mandated mask usage, hand washing at all breaks, & social distancing
  • Office employees worked from home temporarily, made possible only thru newly installed transformative cloud based ERP system
  • Had the slogan ‘We’re In This Together’ 10 years before pandemic, we are flattered by the imitators.
  • Refused to use the word ‘unprecedented’

Monahan Partners donated 5,000 masks to local businesses and hospitals before the first week of April was over.

Best Sellers

Lobby Dust Pan

Black Lobby Dust Pan with Blue Clip-On 30″ Handle


Assembly of metal and plastic hardware on fiberglass, metal and wood.

Fiberglass Handles

Full line of colored 15/16″ or 1″ diameter – 54″ or 60″ length, swivel cap, open end or threaded.

Contact Us

Monahan Partners, Inc.

202 N. Oak

Arcola, Illinois 61910

Phone: 217-268-5771

Fax: 217-268-3113

Kevin Monahan, President

(888) 268-5757


Pat Monahan, Ambassador

(888) 268-5754